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We’re on a journey to answer the question, “what makes a good ally?”

Welcome to The Way We Lead! We’re two high-school sweethearts who are now married to one another. Although you’ll get a glimpse into our cross-cultural wifey relationship, that’s not really what we’re here to talk about.


The Way We Lead (TWWL) is a podcast about what it means to be a leader, an ally and an advocate for underrepresented folks.


We feature real-world stories of inclusive leadership and allyship and highlight folks across industries, titles and identities who use their influence to raise others up.


We know that allyship isn’t a ​fixed​ thing; it’s a lifelong, intentional process of seeing​, thinkingandacting​ to break down barriers for others.


But what does it look like in practice? How can we be better allies to folks that think, look, and experience the world differently than us?


We don’t have all the answers, but we ​do​ know some pretty awesome leaders and we have a million questions that we’re dying to ask them to help all of us grow.


Join us as we dig deep on topics of identity, power and privilege and hopefully grow as allies in the process.

About Gaby (she/her), 
TWWL Host and Producer

Storytelling is her craft, inclusion is her purpose.


Gaby is a mixed (mestiza) Latina originally from El Salvador by way of the Washington, D.C. area who has cared deeply about topics of identity, diversity, inclusion and social justice from a young age.


She is a communications and content marketing leader with a passion for campaigns that change the world for the better. 


Over the last decade, Gaby has used her writing, storytelling and digital marketing talents to drive brand awareness across industries, serving domestic and international nonprofits as well as a global multi-billion dollar education technology company.


She has experience running a team of content marketers who produced social-good and social justice campaigns for world-famous university brands. 


She is now a freelance writer and marketing consultant for purpose-driven brands.

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About Jenelle (she/her), 
TWWL Co-host
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Jenelle is a curious thinker and a wannabe psychologist who is in constant pursuit of understanding what makes people tick.


She’s a DC area native who grew up in the fun and quirky city of Takoma Park, MD. Her goal is to help others understand their “why” with the hopes of helping them become better leaders and allies. 


Working within the education technology space, Jenelle is a seasoned people manager, leading highly successful and complex sales teams of up to 30 employees. She believes leading a driven and happy team takes honesty, transparency, and vulnerability.


Being an avid believer in self-improvement through self-reflection, she encourages her team to invest in their self-care by giving them time during the work week for personal development, team fun and professional counseling. 


Her friends lovingly call her “the handy lesbian” or “forearms” because she’s constantly building furniture, doing household domestic repairs and helping people get their lives organized.

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