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Frequently asked questions

How can I become a guest on your show or refer someone as a guest?

We’re always looking for badass inclusive leaders to join us on TWWL. Check out the guest guidelines below to make sure it’s a good fit and then submit your own name or a guest referral using this form. Guest Guidelines: We're looking for guests from across a spectrum of identities who represent a diverse cross-section of industries and experiences. Are you a leader (in formal and informal capacities) who self-identifies as one or several of the following categories?: ✔️A badass woman ✔️ Person of color and/or from an underrepresented ethnic minority or religious group. ✔️ LGBTQ+ ✔️A person with a disability (physical disability, visually or hearing impaired, or has an invisible disability like a learning disability or mental illness). ✔️Someone who is an outstanding ally and uses their privilege and/or influence to raise others up ✔️An intersection of ALL these things! Add your voice to our show. Got a fear of public speaking? No problem. Let’s start off slow. Submit a voice memo through our Speakpipe app above for a chance to get your voice on our show (without that scary commitment).

I'm new to podcasting. How do I listen to TWWL?

New to podcasts? No problem. Wired Magazine explains how to download and/or listen to podcasts. You can listen to TWWL here on our website and on the following platforms: Apple Podcast* BuzzSprout Spotify Stitcher and more! *Share your thoughts & help us rank! Subscribe, rate and review TWWL on the Apple Podcast app!

I love TWWL! How can I support you?

Thanks for listening and supporting us! Word of mouth is the best way to increase listenership. We wholeheartedly appreciate it when you spread the word to your network in real-life conversations or on social media or even email your friends and family and point them to our site! Help our podcast rank! Subscribe, rate and review TWWL on the Apple Podcast app! Help us finance our operations by becoming a Patreon and donate to keep us running! Every dollar helps.

I'm an inclusive leader. Can I Guest Post for your blog?

Our website is new and we would like to invite inclusive leaders to pitch us with guest post articles that would live on our blog. Details here ⬇️: WHO : We're specifically looking for professionals and experts with practical experience who can speak to topics related to allyship, social justice, advocating for policy changes which breakdown institutional discrimination and prejudice etc. WHAT: We prefer pitches for practical “how to” style posts that give folks tangible steps they can take to be better allies, support a cause and create more inclusive spaces. We allow one do-follow link to your site in the body of the article and in the byline. WHERE: On our website https://www.thewaywelead.com/blog WHEN: On-going. We are now accepting pitches to help fill our editorial calendar for the next couple of months. HOW: Submit your pitch using our "Contact us" form on our website. Please include "Guest Post Pitch: [YOUR TOPIC]" in the subject line. Include 2-3 sentences on what you'd like to write about. Please tell us what makes you uniquely qualified to discuss this topic. Before submitting, we also recommend that you review our community guidelines. Please note that we reserve the right to accept guest posts that are consistent with our values and our brand, but not everyone will be a fit for us. We thank you all in advance for your pitch.